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Local Distributors in Algeria

Dongfeng Motor at the Algerian auto show

Dongfeng Motor at the Algerian auto show4

In 2018, the first batch of Dongfeng Tianlong commercial vehicles in West Africa was successfully delivered;

Dongfeng Motor at the Algerian auto show1

Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Corporation is one of the earliest Chinese enterprises to enter the African market. Through strategic market development, new product launch, brand communication, marketing channels and after-sales service, and auto finance, Dongfeng brand has gained the trust of more and more African consumers. Since 2011, Dongfeng brand cars have exported more than 120,000 units to Africa.

MCV Company is one of the largest commercial vehicle companies in Egypt, founded in 1994. It is the largest and most advanced factory in the Middle East and North Africa, equipped with advanced equipment and operating tools as a training center.

Dongfeng Motor at the Algerian auto show2

Li Ming, the overseas sales and service staff of Dongfeng Cummins, trained the trainees

Dongfeng Motor at the Algerian auto show3

South African car owners wipe his car

Dongfeng Company has participated in Algeria Auto Show for many years, from presenting products to presenting unique solutions for all Dongfeng products. "With you", the theme of this exhibition, is deeply in the hearts of African consumers.

"The Belt and Road Initiative" is a great initiative to promote the development of the world economy. Since it was put forward, Dongfeng Company has seized the opportunity to join hands with African partners to open up a new path of win-win development.