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2024 Dongfeng Forthing Xinghai S7 Luxury Electric Sedan 540km Range Pure Electric Automatic Gearbox Hot Sale New Energy Vehicle

Xinghai S7 is a new medium and large pure electric car owned by Dongfeng. It is based on Dongfeng Fashion’s new pure electric architecture platform, equipped with the upgraded armor battery 2.0, positioned in the pure electric medium car. The styling of this car is very attractive, with a closed front grille and headlights resembling a figure 7. Long side body, sliding back shape, hidden door handle, through the rear taillight set. The Xinghai S7 is available with 18-inch, 19-inch and 20-inch rims in 235/50 R18, 235/45 R19 and 235/40 ZR20 tire specifications, respectively. In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 4935/1915/1495 mm, and the wheelbase is 2915 mm


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  • Multiple choices, long cruising range
  • With EU certification, exported to many countries
  • Factory direct supply, complete after-sales guarantee system

Main parameters of vehicle model

    Xinghai S7 basic model
    serial number Basic parameters
    1 Manufacturer Dongfeng is popular
    2 level mid-size car
    3 Energy type pure electric
    4 Maximum power 160
    5 Maximum torque /
    6 Body structure 4-door, 5-seat sedan
    7 Electric car (Ps) 218
    8 Length*width*height (mm) 4935*1915*1495
    9 Maximum speed (km/h) 165
    10 Curb weight (kg) 1730
    11 Maximum full load mass (kg) 2105
    12 Body
    13 Length(mm) 4935
    14 Width (mm) 1915
    15 Height (mm) 1495
    16 Wheelbase (mm) 2915
    17 Front wheelbase (mm) 1640
    18 Rear wheelbase (mm) 1650
    19 Approach angle (°) 14
    20 departure angle 16
    21 Body structure Sedan
    22 Car door opening method swing door
    23 Number of doors (number) 4
    24 Number of seats (number) 5
    25 electric motor
    26 Former electric brand Zhixin Technology
    27 Front motor model TZ200XS3F0
    28 Motor type Permanent magnet/synchronous
    29 Total motor power (kW) 160
    30 Total power of electric vehicle (Ps) 218
    31 Maximum power of front electric motor (kW) 160
    32 Number of drive motors single motor
    33 Click layout prefix
    34 Battery Type Lithium iron phosphate battery
    35 Battery brand Dongyu Xinsheng
    36 gearbox
    37 abbreviation Electric vehicle single speed gearbox
    38 Number of gears 1
    39 Gearbox type fixed ratio gearbox
    40 chassis steering
    41 Drive mode Front wheel drive
    42 Assist type electric assist
    43 Body structure Load-bearing
    44 wheel brake
    45 Front brake type ventilated disc
    46 rear brake type disc type
    47 Parking brake type Electronic parking
    48 Front tire specifications 235/45 R19
    49 Rear tire specifications 235/45R19